How to Safely Enjoy Outdoor Sports during the Winter

For those of us who enjoy our sports during all seasons of the year, harsh winter requires extra care while you plan a trip outdoors for your sporting activity of choice. While there are several sports that can still be enjoyed during winter, and some which are especially winter sports, we will cover some of the basic tips which will help you stay safe, healthy and warm during the winters.

Check your sports equipment

Do thoroughly check all your sports equipment to see whether it is in good working condition. Get done with the necessary repairs and servicing before you head out to prevent possible accidents caused by gear that won’t work or gets frozen during the cold weather. Also make sure you are equipped with other tools and equipments that are essential for outdoor activities in the winter.

Stay Warm

Invest in good warm wear like thermal wear to ensure that the cold doesn’t affect you during play. Buy good quality winter workout clothes and clothes that allow you to move comfortably while still keeping you warm. Do try the clothes once at home before you step out as a test run to see how well you can move around during actual play. Don’t forget to invest in good quality gloves and socks as well.

Eye Gear

It is essential to protect your eyes from the harsh winter winds and chills, and especially during sporting activities, good quality eye gear is mandatory to keep out any possible eye injury. Also, for sports such as skiing, the sunlight reflecting back from the ice can be equally harsh, so make sure you buy yourself good and sturdy winter eye glasses.

Stay Hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated- something which can be neglected during the cold. Make sure to sip on warm water to keep yourself energised during intense sports. Too little fluid in your body can cause adverse effects like dehydration and painful cramps.

Inform others about your plan

The weather in winter can get suddenly harsh- especially for sports like skiing. It is always a good practice to inform your family or friends about your outdoor trip plans. Leave with them details like your location, any stops you plan to take, and importantly when are you likely to be back. This way, in case you face any emergency situation or an accident, they can summon immediate help to reach you.

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